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Pay your rent with cash

Pay your rent in cash while you're out running errands

Now you can pay your rent with cash at any CheckFreePay® location which includes major retailers like Walmart, CVS, Family Dollar and many more! Find your nearest location at and then follow these steps:

Obtain your unique member ID from the Property Management Office (330.688.2157) 

Then visit the CheckFreePay® retail location of your choice.

Present the CheckFreePay® agent with your member ID and cash payment. Inform the agent you are making a Bill Payment to PayLease Community Payments.

Collect a receipt and you're done! Your payment will be electronically sent to KWCR Property Management Division.

Investment property manager

For any questions on this new payment method, or to obtain your account number, please contact KWCR Property Management Division at 330.688.2157.


Please note that a $4 convenience fee applies to payments made with cash.

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